Layers & Selection Tools

There is LOTS of room for improvement when it come to my knowledge and understanding of Photoshop. Luckily, our lecturer went back to basics and explained all the important tools which we will probably be using the most throughout this lesson!

The first problem I had to overcome was to understand the concept of layers and how they work. Layers are basically what Photoshop is all about – everything revolves around them! I After having it scrunched up in confusion for a good 10 minutes I finally understood. A layer is simply a number of images stacked on top of each other. Each layer starts off as a blank canvas on which you can then make alterations without changing the original image. Imagine having an image and then putting a see-through material over it which has a blob of yellow paint on it! Even though the original image now looks different, physically its still the same!

The task our lecturer assigned to us was to find an image of a person, manipulate it and make it our own. This was great practice for getting used to basic tools such as the Magic Wand and Lasso tool and obviously understanding the use of layers.

magic wand

The Magic Wand tool selects areas which are similar in colour.


Depending on the value the tolerance is set to, the magic wand will select bigger or smaller areas. If the Tolerance is set on a low value, the magic wans will select a small range of colours whereas if it is set to a high number, it selects bigger chunks.


Lasso tool: This allows you to make freehand selections simply by clicking and dragging.

Polygon Lasso Tool: This is used to draw straight line selections.

Magnetic Lasso Tool: This tool can  catch on and snap onto the edges of the object you are trying to select.

This is the image that was originally given
This is the image that was originally given

























Cartoon - Copy
And this is my final result!

Although I was quite happy with my end result, especially since this was my first attempt, I still wasn’t satisfied with my work. I had tons of ideas in my head and wanted to do much more but my lack of knowledge about Photoshop tools restricted me. However I refuse to let that get to me. Instead, I’m going to focus improving and working hard so that eventually I’ll be able to showcase my ideas better and start working towards finding my own unique style!


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