HTML Basics

We started off by learning some background knowledge about html and it’s creator, Mr. Tim Berners-Lee – the man who basically developed the internet.

No big deal.

Mr. Berners-Lee had the opportunity to become an instant billionaire but instead he made the internet free for everyone to use which, in my eyes, makes him a true hero and an inspiring role model. Here’s a link to his biography if you’re interested:

Now here are a few basics that we’ve learnt:


Command: <title>This is my page </title>

The title defines a title in the browser toolbar and in the search-engine results page.


Command: <h>This is my header</h>

The header should be used to introduce a certain set of contents and can also be present more than once in your code.


Command: <p> Here is my new paragraph</p>

This is quite straightforward: it is just a paragraph of content which will be displayed on your webpage.


Command: <img src = “putsourceinhere”/>

It is important to write the exact name of the image file in the “putsourceinher” bit of code. It makes it easier if the image is saved in the same folder that your html code is.


Command: <a href = “insertURLhere” Link to site here </a>

In the “insertURLhere” you simply put the url of the link you want the page to link to. The underlined piece of code will be the actual link the user will be able to click on to be redirected to the link.

Ordered Lists



<li> insertitemhere </li>

<li> insertitemhere </li>


 Un-ordered Lists



<li> insertitemhere </li>

<li> insertitemhere </li>


The difference between these two is (a) the ordered list is numbered (b) if you wish to add a third item in between the two already existing list items, the ordered list re-orders and re-numbers your list automatically whilst the un-ordered one does not.



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