DJ Beethoven, Vintage Racing and Models at War

Peter Kennard is an artist who creates photomontages, where you manipulate pictures by combining various images, for example pasting an image of  a head on a different body, to create something weird and different. After seeing some of his work, as well as the work of other artists such as Mario Wagner and Jon Stezaker, we were asked to create our own photomontage by combing at least three pictures which have to be a mixture of old and modern.

The theme I decided on was having an important and famous person (past or present) who is associated with something in particular and then paste them in a very modern or old environment (depending on the famous person chosen) or make them use modern/old technology.

BeethovenFor example, in my first photomontage I have edited in some headphones on Beethoven’s head which is then pasted on the body of a man who is the DJ in a club. Beethoven was a very famous German composer who was known for a lot of his symphonies. The portrayal of Beethoven as a DJ in a dance club is just an exaggeration of what Beethoven used to really do back when he was still alive; just as he used to conduct music in various theatres, so does the DJ in  dance club. I incorporated the headphones in the image to further emphasize the contrast between old and modern times and because they are popular among DJ’s. It is actually kind of ironic since at around the age of 26 Beethoven lost his hearing!

SchumacherMy second photomontage shows Michael Schumacher participating in a race, driving an old Rolls-Royce. I pasted his head inside the car which was then placed onto a racing track. I then edited in the finishing line to show that he has won the race. I created this photomontage as a lighthearted joke at the fact that Michael Schumacher won the race with an old Rolls-Royce. Yes, he’s just that good.

PhotomontageThe final image to my photomontage collection is an image of a model who seems to be undoing her top revealing old pictures taken during a war. Throughout the years, the media has greatly influenced society especially regarding the appearance of people. Nowadays the importance of being up to date with all the latest fashion trends and beauty products has taken over and people, mostly young girls, desperately try to look and act like models and celebrities they see on their TV screens. Choosing a model to reveal disturbing images of the war is an ironic way of saying that we should stop caring so much about how we are being perceived by others and focus our attention to more important issues such as the war that goes on around us and the soldiers that are losing their lives every day to protect us.



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