iPad People and an Interactive Music Video!

Lately, I’ve been scouring the internet in search of Digital Artists whose work might interest and influence me and I’ve come to realize that the ones that seem to attract my attention the most are the ones that create interactive work and projects. Although I still admire and respect artists who do installation art and such, artists who give me the ability to interact with their work appeal to me more because it makes me connect and appreciate their art even more.



A great example of this is a project Katsuki Nogami took on called Ipad People where the point was to make a group of performers, who were made to look as though they had iPads for faces, seem like they were “real” human beings. After the performers were made to look like walking iPads by wearing hooded jackets which they would tuck the iPads under, they were then sent to roam the streets of Berlin and Tokyo whilst having the picture of a random persons’ face shown on their iPad. However, it was the audience’s ability to see what the performers were seeing that brought these iPad people to life and made them seem “realistic”. I think this is a fun and easy way to present and share your creative work with people around the world, and I think it’s fair to say that even people who aren’t particularly interested in art would appreciate and enjoy something like this! Click here to see more!

Chrome_RomeAnother example of this is the interactive music video “3 Dreams of Black” by Chris Milk which was mainly built by using WebGL. I was blown away by it’s beauty and creativity. The first-person interactive video has three “environments”, all of which allow different levels of inter-activeness.  The first is the real world where the viewer simply watches until the persona in the clip seems to fall asleep. When the persona wakes up, the world seems to have changed into this animated cartoon-looking environment which restricts to viewer to only look around using the cursor. The third and final stage is set in a world where the viewer has almost complete control of the actions that are taking place. Similar to the second environment, you are able to look around by using the cursor, however you are also able transform the landscape, where which different creatures and animals would morph into existence. Out of all scenes, the last was my favourite because it allows you to fly around and explore the environment  as a flock of birds which made me feel somewhat liberate and free. I think this is another instance in which non-artistic people would still admire the creativity and the amount of work put into this project. I believe the term they are most likely to use is “cool”.  Well, I sure thought it was! Click here to experience it for yourself!


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