King. M – Computers and Modern Art : Critical Response

This paper speaks about digital art and art movements of the 20th century and explains how pioneers of digital art relate to Modern art. It split up the progress into three Phases. Phase one  focuses on 1956 to 1986 where artists first started using computer technology to create images. These images and artworks were created by scientists and mathematicians which were not necessarily known for being artistic but nonetheless, their work signifies the beginning of a movement and holds historical landscapes.

Phase two is set during 1986 to 1994 and this was the year of the creation of the world wide web, whilst Phase three speaks about the multimedia era, aka 1995 and onwards to the modern age.

In the Modern Art Movement phase an important point is made on the importance of the influence the spiritual and the scientific when it comes to creating abstract works and how how such art form bases are important sources for early computer art explorations.

However, the main point this paper wants to emphasize is the importance of the early digital art pioneers and how their information, research and exploration has helped shape and inspire today’s modern artists. One must not be ashamed to delve back into the past to seek information.


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