Image Analysis

portraitLaughing Bones

Portrait of an American Family

Each head of each member of the family has been replaced by a TV screen portraying different images which all tell a different story. The children seem to display images to do with the influence the media has had on them. The lollipop on the baby’s screen represents his or her innocence and how he or she has not been affected by the media yet. Ken and Barbie can be seen on the two twin girls’ screens. Throughout the years, Barbie has been a huge influence over children who seem to grow up thinking that Barbie’s “perfect” body and flawless face is what is accepted as the ideal beauty in society. The son has already been influenced by the violence and gore streamed on TV. The gun shown on his screen could suggest that the violence has influenced him in a way that make him think that it is acceptable or “cool” to be involved in such violent scenarios. What is depicted on the mother and father’s screen does not seem to be related to the media and how it has effected them. They seem to portray what the parents believe their responsibilities and roles in the family are. The Cinderella fairytale shown on the mother’s screen might imply the “magical” the joy of having a family brings with it and how she is living a fairy tale. The father on the other hand feels the responsibility of having to be strong and provide for the family and be a great “leader” like Napoleon once was.


 05NakeKlee65Frieder Nake

Hommage a Paul Klee

In the title of the artwork, the referral to “Paul Klee” ,another artist, might imply that the inspiration for the piece that Frieder Nake has made came from the work that Klee has made. Unlike a painting, this image has been generated by something other than human. The “randomness”, deficiency of colour and lack of emotion (in my opinion) in this piece suggests that it might have been done by a computer or some sort of machinery – maybe to record the movement of something in particular. Certain measurements show that there was a high amount of activity at certain time frames where the strokes are careless and overlapping. There are some moments where the measurements change into a constant and orderly manner and other times the measurements showed that there is no activity at all.



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