Where The Bad Kids Go

So the inspiration for our first Video Production came from a story we found on Creepy Pasta called “Where the Bad Kids Go“. We liked the idea of making a dark and somewhat slightly disturbing short film which involved going to lots of different locations and abandoned buildings.

The locations we found were pretty amazing and really are what gave life to our film. The first location was an old warehouse in Wapping which we found online. I actually took some pictures myself – don’t expect amazing quality because I took the pictures with my really crappy phone 😦 Our intent was to go and and take some pictures of the building from the outside. We never thought we would actually manage to get inside the building seeing as the huge metal doors on the outside had locks on them. But whilst we were taking pictures, this

man stepped out of a small door and asked us what we were doing. Turns out he as the owner of the place and after we explained what we were doing, he said that although he’s not meant to, he’ll let us in! It was our lucky day! The place inside was PREFECT and we made sure to get lots and lots of footage before it got too dark.

Our second location was an abandoned mortuary near St Peter’s Hospital. This location was easier to get into because someone had bent one of the metal sheet at the back of the building. We also met a model who was taking pictures…naked. I have to say, you meet a lot of interesting people when you go to locations like this. But anyway, while the model was busy posing naked, me and my team filmed more footage for our film and some of the shots turned out to be amazing.

This project took up A LOT of our time and involved a lot of hard work and many hours of editing but it was all worth it. Considering this was my first video ever, I’m extremely happy with how its turned out. I will leave the link of the video below – make sure you check it out!

Story line from Creepy Pasta:


Pictures of first location:

The outside of the building
The outside of the building
The entrance/courtyard
The entrance/courtyard
More of the courtyard
More of the courtyard
The ceiling
The ceiling


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