Essay Planning

It’s time for another essay! We’ve been given multiple essay titles from which we are to choose one. I knew from the moment she gave us the hoice of titles that I wanted to do ‘Technology, the Internet and the Future’ because I find it intriguing and I think it is also quite a broad topic. The advancement technology has made throughout the years amazes me and films like ‘I Robot’ and ‘The Matrix’ etc, have convinced me into believing that someday there will be a technological apocalypse. I am surprisingly excited and eager to start writing this essay and furthuring my knowledge on this subject.

The essay structure will be similar to the following:


Para 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence focusing mainly on the Turing Test by Alan Turing.

Para 2: What makes AI – Roughly explain Neural Network and explain what a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is.

Para 3:  Write about what professors and scientists have said. Include Stephen Hawking debate.

Para 4: Write about a type of AI: Google Glass.

Para 5: Based on research I find, give example of how AI can bring about apocalypse – Google Glasses & BCI.



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