Infographic Planning

So to accompany our essay, we will also be handing in an inforgraphic. Now i’ve seen many infographics but did I ever think I was actually capable of making one? No siree. So needless to say I am quite nervous about this especially since my knowledge of illustrator tools is extremely limited. Since I have a rough idea about what I want my essay to be about (link to essay plan here) I have a very vague idea of what I want to include in my inforgraphic and how I want it to look.

Since my essay is going to focus on Artificial Intelligence and how it can potentially bring about the Apocalypse, I feel that a robot should be the centerpiece of this infographic. Now although infographics usually involve a lot of statistics and graphs, unfortunately I won’t be including a lot of those in my essay. Instead, my essay will probably be littered with dates. So my idea is that the centre piece robot will be made up of the different years during which something of importance was invented/created/reasearched etc. I don’t know if I have the required skills to be able to do this task but I will surely give it a go!

I will also have several boxes which will be linked (somehow-maybe robotic arms??) to a specific date on the robot showing information about that year. Here is a rough sketch I made:


It might seem as though I’m over-complicating things rather than sticking to the basics (especially since I’m no pro at illustrator) but if I succeed in making this infographic I will be pretty damn pleased with myself.


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