The Machine Stops: Character Development

So our task for Visual studies is to read the short book ‘The Machine Stops’ and to then pick a charcter of scene from the book and interpret it in our own way. After reading the book, I have decided to choose the character ‘Kuno’ because I found him most interesting for the simple reason that he is different from all the other people who blindly follow the rules of the machine.

Summary of Book


The Machine Stops E.M. Foster is an enticing short story that portrays a possible dystopian future. In the story the characters live in a world that is ruled by “the machine” and have been living underground due to the unsuitable conditions at the Earth’s surface. Over many years the people below the surface began to change and worship the machine. With all thoughts on the machine new ideas and thoughts are shunned and so is human interaction. The story follows Vashti and her son Kuno as they struggle to keep their relationship and live underground in a corrupt world controlled by a machine. E.M. Foster’s The Machine Stops argues that a world controlled by technology will eventually turn catastrophic for the human race.



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