Stephen Wilson: Art and Science as Culture Act

During the Renaissance science and art took two opposite directions to the point where they were considered to be completely different. It became less likely that someone would be knowledgeable in both areas. Should this be the case? Technological art such as computer graphics, animation, 3D modelling etc, have now become mainstream and standard due to the accelerated pace of technological innovation. Does this somehow destroy the validity of the work as art?

Further scientific studies are needed when researchers attempt to create new technologies and therefore one can say that science and technology work together and inform each other. However, many artists nowadays use science and technology to inspire them for work and also continuously expand the definition of art. So why should the work of researchers and technological artists be differentiated?

Artists who work with emerging technologies have the ability to discover or elaborate the possibilities of new technologies. They hope to renew art itself and develop relevant new movements but at the same time, to also be accepted by the mainstream world of museums, galleries etc. However this seems unlikely, therefore some artists are now learning as much as they can about the technology they are using so that they can produce constitutional work whilst also introducing contradictory elements that reflect upon that technology, creating a “bond” between theory, writing and art production.

However, the “aura” of art being timeless has somewhat been eroded. As research moves on and improves, the work created might not seem so significant anymore. However, that work of art can be seen as a landmark representing a specific cultural moment which should then be considered a masterpiece and have a place in history.

I believe that the technical aspect is not always the most important aspect of the work and with the level of interception between art and science, the works can sometimes look like neither. I hope that art and technology continue to influence each other and  inspire both the artists and the scientist so that we continue to grow and develop new tools and means to create beautiful and inspiring work which can change the future.


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