Character Development: Kuno’s Stance

I wanted to find an interesting stance to give Kuno and not just have him standing there. I understand that if you were producing a character for a company you would have to prepare a front, back and side view of the character in order for them to animate easily it, but I did not focus on that when I was creating my character. I was focusing more on my interpretation of Kuno and what I wanted him to look like rather than concentrating on the technical side of it. Needless to say, if I were making a character for a company, I would obviously follow the rules and give them what they want – I wouldn’t want to get fired if I ever had an awesome job like that! One day…one day.

Anyway, I decided to go for the top left most stance because it was neither over the top nor boring. Since he is somewhat of a rebel and is ready take action against the machine, I thought that the stance I chose fit in perfectly with Kuno’s character. The other markings are made (worried, inquisitive, tec.) will be further interpretations of Kuno’s personalty.



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