Character Development: Kuno’s Clothes

Although the story is set the in the future, I didn’t want to go over the top with the clothes. The reason for that is, if people’s lives consisted only of living in their cell and never going out to places and never trying to impress anyone, then there was no reason for them to dress up in overbearing clothes but would rather choose ideal and comfortable ones which don’t look too tacky. Having said that, since Kuno is slightly different from everyone else and is planning on going on an “adventure”, I wanted to give him an outfit which was slightly more interesting and outdoorsy. The second outfit was the one I chose in the end.

I also got the idea of creating a machine insignia which would be attached to everything that the machine produces, including the clothes (The badge would be where the X’d box is). The letter M on the badge, (M chosen because it is the first letter of Machine) will be up of similar components used in a motherboard which would then be glued on top of a steel base and then sewn onto the clothes.



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