Planning for 3D Infographic

So as I mentioned in a previous post (link here), we must prepare an Infographic to accompany our essay. As well as the 2D Infographic,we have to also make an animated inforgaphic which is mostly what we will be graded on. For this assignment we will be using After Effects which is entirely new to me. We’ve had a couple of lessons and I must say I don’t think this is going to be an easy task for me.

Similar to my 2D inforgraphic, I want my animated one to look futuristic and to have a similar colour scheme: mostly made up of various shades of greys and blues. As for the music that will accompany my inforgraphic, I will probably try to find some  robotic-sounding music that isn’t too intense.

I’ve looked up a few infographics to get some inspiration and ideas as to what they should look like.

What I like about this first one is the simplicity of the infographic. Although not much is going on, the graphics are still creative and fun to watch and most importantly convey the message.

The colour scheme of this second infographic really caught my eye. My animation will probably include a lot of shades of greys to symbolize steel and metal, however, I definitely want to incorporate some blue in as well and I think this video makes use of that very well and can really help me.

I have to say I found it quite difficult to find inforgraphics which look futuristic  and are about robots and the future. I did find this one but I don’t particularly like it. Although the graphics look amazing, the pace is too slow which makes the infographic slightly boring to watch. I definitely aim to make mine at a steady and fast-ish pace to keep my audience interested.

I also found a couple of film opening sequences which I like and might help me with the style of my inforgraphic.

And finally, here are some vector shapes which I will be incorporating into my animated infographic:


FlatWorld Print


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