Infographic = Check!

After watching countless of tutorials and desperately trying not to smash my PC to pieces, I have finally finished my infographic. Hooray!

(The following images aren’t very clear because they are .jpgs. If you want to see my infographics in better qulaity I will have two PDF links at the bottom of this page.)


This first infographic was what I had originally but then decided to change a few things:

1) There wasn’t a particular colour scheme so I decided to stick to two/three colours.

2) It didn’t look futuristic enough so I got rid of the old looking cogs and changed the colours for the background.

3) Replaced the gauge with a completion bar which I felt represented technology better.

So with all that in mind, I got to work and started improving my work and the finished products is this:


I am pretty pleased with the finished product and learnt a great deal on how to use certain tools illustrator and how to achieve certain effects etc.

PDF Links

Original Infographic (I have no idea why it’s saved the same inforgraphic twice in the same file!)

Final Infographic


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