Character Development: Extras

I also decided to interpret the two other “main” characters in the book, however, the thought process behind these two characters wasn’t as long as Kuno’s and therefore aren’t as detailed.

Vashti – Kuno’s mum

So the reason as to why I decided to make Vashti very fat is because all she seems to do all day is sit her chair giving lectures and listening to music. People do not need to move at all, even if they drop something, because if something was dropped in their room “the floor raised it mechanically“. I also interpreted her as being very old because her irritation was described as being “a growing quality in that accelerated age“. This is also why I gave her a walking stick.

She didn’t seem like a very extravagant person but cared just enough about her appearance to make some effort, regardless letting herself go and becoming fat. Therefore,I decided to dress her up in a long purple dress with some detail on the top.

I also drew some expressions which she expressed in the book such as irritation and anxious/scared.


The Attendant

LIke Kuno, the Attendant doesn’t fit “the norm”. Her job requires her to be on her feet, hence she is quite slim, and she is somewhat more outgoing and expressive than everyone else because her job also requires her to deal with people on a regular basis. I also depicted her as being quite clumsy as well as she forgets to “pull down the blinds” and “puts out her hand to steady [Vashti]” even though she knows not to.

I decided to dress her in a simple, smart suit and black, flat shoes.



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