Digital Rituals

Digital Rituals involve gestures that we make in our everyday lives whilst interacting with technology. We might not notice, or we might but whatever the case this gesture or action has become socially acceptable.

Selfies for instance. A few years ago, a person holding up their phone to take a selfie would have gotten quite a few weird looks I think, but nowadays its the norm. Obviously this would have almost been impossible without the invention of mobile phones and small compact cameras. Another digital ritual that comes along with the invention of phones, Apple phones to be more specific, is the pinch to expand and contract move. Nowadays we do that without even thinking about it. When we see a screen we automatically know what to do and I think Apple were the first to introduce it.

Another digital ritual that I myself find extremely handy is Google Maps. Gone are the days were you need to purchase an actual physical map to make your way around the city. The downfall of that is that it makes it harder for people to actually realise that you’re a tourist or lost since everyone else is probably on their phone anyway.

3D tracking and gesture recognition are surely to become more popular and part of our everyday rituals as more high tech technologies are created.


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