Animated Infographic = Check!

This infographic is based on the essay that I wrote about “Whether Artificial Intelligence can bring about an Apocalypse” (see link here). I think that this project was honestly the hardest one this Semester. Learning the software was a really tough and tedious process. To create 10 seconds of footage took about 30 minutes to do! I’m not too pleased with the finished product – the transitions could be much smoother and the animations could be more interesting. Also, in hindsight, I should have done a voice over because I feel that there is too much text on the slides.

Although it could be improved, I did give it my best shot and took time to look at tutorials and not just wing it. I will probably try and use this software over the holidays so that I could become more efficient in it and learn more of its uses and how to make stuff look aesthetically pleasing.


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