22.09.15 – New Beginnings

Myself and my fellow classmates received quite a shocker during our summer holidays: we received an email informing us that all three teachers have resigned and that new ones would take their place. Needless to say everyone was very nervous/keen on meeting our new course coordinator so our first day at Kingston College consisted mostly of:

1) getting to know our new teacher and vice versa

2) learning about our new modules

…and last but not least…

3) catching up on all the latest gossip.

The Module

Before discussing the aims of the module, our teacher asked us what our personal aims for this year are. Preferably I would like to improve my skills in general, however I want to focus more on one particular skill – mainly 3D modelling. Although being able to effectively use other softwares such as Photoshop and After Effects is an advantage (and will also look good in my CV), I feel that I would greatly benefit from refining my skill in 3D modelling and texturing since my ultimate goal is to become a game designer. Instead of using Cinema 4D like last year, this year we will be using Maya which I am very excited for since it is more professional and a more adequate software to use for character design.


  • enable us to investigate and understand theoretical concepts and apply them to our creative work
  • enable us to use experimental processes in the development of 3D artwork
  • to develop a critical self-reflecting approach to research and learning
  • to improve essay writing and research skills
  • to promote effective group work
  • to develop the students’ skills in the manipulation of 3D imagery


  • research and analyse theories in Experimental Art
  • synthesise theory with personal perspective in pursuit of their art
  • implement appropriate processes in the creation of experimental digital artefacts
  • collaborate effectively within a group
  • evaluate the creative process through critical reflection

Our tutor then showed us some examples of Experimental 3D work done by other artists.

Joey Camacho

tumblr_nmykc8OsOj1rte5gyo1_500 tumblr_nmykc8OsOj1rte5gyo2_250 tumblr_nmykc8OsOj1rte5gyo3_250 tumblr_nmykc8OsOj1rte5gyo4_500 tumblr_nmykc8OsOj1rte5gyo5_500

I found these images really interesting even though they don’t seem to have any concept behind them (hence why it is called Experimental 3D). I love the vibrant colours and the different depths and perceptions.

Glyn Davidson 

Again, quite a pointless piece of work, however there’s something enthralling about this hair like ball swinging from side to side that makes you want to watch it swing continuously.


If the nineteenth century invented photography, the late-twentieth-century began to disinvent it”.
Alan Trachtenberg

We then spoke about how post- photography and how the invention of digital cameras brought about new mediums and their own characteristics which in turn “destroyed” traditional photography and the authenticity of it.

We then moved on to discuss the cultural changes that came about with digital photography. Nowadays, everyone possesses a mobile phone with a built in camera therefore allowing anyone to become a “photographer”. However because of this, the art and thought involved in the process of taking a picture has somewhat been diminished and the quality of photography massively decreased.

“Post-photography relates primarily to the practices and attitudes of the photographer rather than the technology that he or she uses”.
Matt J. Yoder

The social changes brought about by digital photography are quite noticeable. The perfect example of this is when attending a gig or a concert. Rather than enjoying the moment and taking it all in, people would take out their phones to take pictures or record videos to later post on instagram and facebook. It seems that having proof or a visual record of an event is more important than appreciating and savouring the moment.


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