07.10.15 – Social Network Idea & XAMPP


Idea For Social Network

lightbulbMy idea came to me whilst I was on the train  observing a group of tourists talking to each other in their native language (not creepy at all). I have always been interested in languages but never really took secondary school seriously and now that I’ve grown up I regret not paying attention and my goal after finishing this degree is to learn and become fluent in languages other than Maltese and English.

jeziciWhilst thinking about all of this it suddenly hit me: Why don’t I make my social network about learning languages? People like me who want to be given a second chance or just fancy learning a new language would be given the opportunity to do so. It will also involve interaction with other people and will be a sociable and enjoyable environment as opposed to talking to Artificial Intelligence which is the case in many language learning websites/applications.

Although it will be an educational social network I also want it to be enjoyable for the users and involve various people of different ages and ethnicities.

Choosing a Web Server


We were asked to install XAMPP for our social network in order to have our own server which we can then host our website on. XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package and is an easy way for developers to create a local web server for testing purposes.

Many tutorials were available on YouTube so that made it easy to install the actual application. Once the installation was complete, I did have some trouble with making it work, the problem having specifically to do with ports. However running the application as an Administrator (which was a bit odd since I am the admin on my PC) seemed to fix the problem.

We refrained from using XAMPP in the end and instead bought our own domain (click HERE read more). The reason for this is because a lot of people struggled to get it to work (especially on Mac) and buying a domain was an overall easier (but pricier) way to do it.



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