09.10.15 – Bouncing Ball

Create a short animation of a ball bouncing

I followed a specific tutorial on YouTube which required me to install the Ultimate Ball Rig which provides you with a pre-made spherical ball with different handles which control different aspects of the ball such as the axis of the ball of the stretch/squash values.

We first started off by animating the ball bouncing and key framing it at different heights, making sure that each time it loses momentum like any normal ball would.


We then moved on to stretching/squashing the ball to make it look more realistic. We also went into the Graph Editor and changed the curves to make them softer and more consistant, imitating the way a ball would naturally bounce.


The final step was to animate it moving from left to right and bouncing off a wall and coming to a halt. Once again, we went into the Graph Editor and changed the first curve into a linear line and the slightly altered the second one so that it is more gradual and consistent in order to imitate the way a ball would bounce of a wall and gradually come to a stand still.


I then added three planes: the floor and the walls. I decided to texture the planes as well as the ball to make it look like someone is playing basketball in an alley. I also added in a sound effect of the ball bouncing (which doesn’t really work but left it there anyway!)


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