14.10.16 – Buying A Domain

We dedicated this lesson to each buying our own domain to host our website on. We unanimously agreed on doing  so for two main reasons:

  1. It proved to be easier than installing XAMPP in some cases
  2. After our degree we might decide to use the domain to create a website of our choice which could potentially be successful (Mark Zuckerburg watch out!)

Web Hosting Service


We researched a few Web Hosting Services, amongst them being GoDaddy and eHost, but decided to go with TsoHost the reasons being:

(A) It is affordable
(B) Seemed reliable
(C) Excellent customer care.

So we went ahead and chose our domain name and then voila! We were the owners of our own website! Exciting times.

Installing WordPress


Our next step was to log onto our TsoHost Dashboard in order to get started on managing our website and installing WordPress so that we could get our blog up and running.

Installation Process


We first clicked on the above icon in order to go to the applications page.


We found WordPress and then hit that install button!


And done! Quite simple really.


After acquiring a Username and Password we could then log into our wordpress dashboard/admin page where we will make all the necessary changes and installations needed to build our social networks.


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