23.10.15 – Inspiration for Game Idea

Finding a concept for a game is proving to be quite the struggle and even demotivated me for a while! At one point I was so stressed that my brain refused to co-operate and was literally doing this to me: f9dd1ea9a4988c815109c5efd3ff9102adc3d2dda387aa5d979c2bdba14b7cef

I spoke to my tutor who helped put me back on track by suggesting that I try out some adventure games which could help me with my research and the overall coming up with a game.

I would say that I am more of an RPG & FPS and occasional strategy kind of gamer. It’s slightly embarrassing that the only adventure games I played are Nancy Drew ones and free demo’s one can find on Big Fish Games. It really isn’t acceptable especially if I want to make it in the gaming industry and become a good game creator/designer. From now on I am going to push myself to take more chances and play more games of different genres in order to broaden my knowledge. That is, when I actually manage to find any spare time where I can leisurely play games.


GAME 1header

This is the game that my teacher highly suggested I play in order to help me get an understanding of what adventure games really are. The outstanding characterization of the personalities in the game, accompanied with excellent storytelling quickly grabbed my attention as I became instantly immersed in the game and it’s storyline.

gsmarena_004Navigating and learning the mechanics of the game was incredibly easy to pick up on which I liked. I will definitely be incorporating the point and click mechanic in my game and keeping the interface simple and to the point.

the-wolf-among-us-review-2-610x343I particularly liked the combat scenes during which you occasionally need to left click on certain areas highlighted or
press a particular button in order to perform a certain action. This kept me engaged and enabled me to stay fully aware of what is happening around. It is a nice way of keeping the player focused and concentrated the events unfolding.

6nns0LdP_Cid.878x0.Z-Z96KYqAlthough button mashing comes along with negative connotations, I am going to be honest and say that I enjoyed it. I thinks that it helps add to the intensity of the situation and I personally feel as though I am truly aiding the protagonist by mashing this button as fast as I physically can. By not having to look at the keyboard, it also meant that I could stay fully focused on my screen, making it easy to keep track of the impending events and following any dialogue happening at the time.

The artwork and graphics reminded me a lot of Borderlands as it is very cartoon-like but still has quite a high level of detail. If possible, I would love to make the graphics for my game look similar to that because I think it’s a very interesting style.

wau3 2749417-wolfamongus3 the-wolf-among-us-18211

GAME 2clixto7-Life-is-Strange-Review

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to play this game for long, however it helped to further my knowledge on how adventure games work and introduced some other elements which The Wolf Amongst Us doesn’t have. (I will be addressing The Wolf Amongst Us as WAU and Life is Strange as LIS from now on.)

e6zwtvvw6aswrp1s9vdpWhilst WAU is more of a side-scroller, LIS is in third person and allows the player to be in control of the character much more than in WAUs. In my game I will be adopting this view rather than the side scroller in order to give the player more freedom and ability to explore and interact rather than it being so heavily based on cut scenes.

107985530Having said that, my game’s point and click mechanics will be more similar to WAU’s rather than LIS’s as I found LIS’s harder to get to grips with and slightly more fidgety. However, I might keep the text like in LIS in order to indicate exactly what the player is looking at.

LIS also involves more puzzles that the player has to figure out in order to progress in the game which is definitely an element I would like to include in my game. Since the game doesn’t directly tell you what you need to do (which is the point of a puzzle, duh?) one key element they introduce to help the player is by giving him/her the ability to rewind time. This gives the player multiple chances to try and solve a puzzle if they are unable to solve it the fist time. This can also be used to go back and make different choices when interacting with other characters in order to get a different outcome.


These games have definitely opened my eyes to a whole new different genre and have massively helped me form a clearer idea of what I want my game to look like and how it will work. I have always enjoyed a game with a good storyline (hence why RPG’s are my favourite) therefore I will undoubtedly be exploring this genre further.


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