28.10.15 – Website Name, Theme & Plugins

Name Of My Website

1326232932834.cachedWith my website being all about learning languages, I wanted to find a suitable name that represents that and after a lot of thinking and searching, I decided to go with Polyglots which I thought sounded quite interesting and went well with the theme of my website. For those of you who don’t know, a polyglot is a person who has mastered many languages.

Theme for Website

After trying countless of themes in search for one that looks professional, appealing and is easy to customise, I finally found one that seemed to do all the above. Customizr is a versatile WordPress theme, which gives your website an instant professional look and allows you to create a beautiful, fast and mobile friendly website compatible with all browsers and devices offering a safe and reliable design. Furthermore, it works with major WordPress plugins including BB Press which I will be incorporating into my website.


Since discwe are tasked with creating a social networking website, I aimed to look for a plugin that would allow me to create a social network as effortlessly as possible. BuddyPress seemed to be very highly rated and reviewed as a very reliable and powerful plugin which focuses on ease of integration and ease of use. It allows registered user to create profiles and make connections thought having private conversations and interacting in groups etc.

BB Press

bbpressAnother feature I intend to have on my website is a forum where users will be able to create topics, as well as reply and interact with one another. BB Press works extremely well with BuddyPress and focuses on speed, efficiency and having high web standards.

Amazing Hover Effects
Amazing-Hover-EffectsI aspire to have a specific page on my website where users are able to see all the available languages one can choose from. In order to make it look slightly more appealing I decided to get this plugin which creates nicer looking icons by using images & then embedding them in separate page posts or widgets via a shortcode builder.



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