30.10.15 – Concept Document


Game Summary
The Urge is an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure video game for PC in which an epidemic breakout overtakes London, infecting most of its population – including Darren. The University science professor, although bitten, resists becoming fully infected, due to a genetic mutation. Using his scientific background, he must produce a cure to save himself before it’s too late.

Back story
The game is set in modern day London where an epidemic has broken out. The official cause is unknown however rumours suggest that the source of the virus originated from within a top secret government research building and spread to the city and contaminated London’s water supply.

Citizens who drank the contaminated tap water transformed into bloodthirsty creatures which are known as Tappers, whist residents within close proximity of the source underwent a more horrific mutation, turning into bigger and more aggressive creatures known as Bloaters.

The player takes the role of Darren, a University science professor who is bitten by a Tapper but does not undergo the same transformation as other humans. The reason for Darren not fully turning into a Tapper is due to a genetic mutation he inflicted upon himself whilst trialling a cure for Huntington’s disease. Once Darren becomes infected he discovers that he is able to temporarily harness the powers of a Tapper: strength, agility and speed. His goal becomes that of gathering the right resources to recreate the drug he was trialling in order to save himself.


User Interface
The Urge is played from the third-person view, allowing the player to interact with the environment and other characters or objects by using a point-and-click interface. Players can interact with objects in the game in a variety of different ways and can also keep certain objects which can later be incorporated into conversations with NPC’s.


Changing into a Tapper
This is the focal point of the game and is essential in order to progress. The player only has a limited time to play as Tapper and is given enough time to finish a puzzle. The Tapper state must be limited otherwise the urge would take over the protagonist resulting in being unable to revert back to human form.

Conversation Trees & Cut-Scenes
The game focuses on the storyline and character development rather than puzzle-solving. The player will constantly have to make choices through conversation trees which will impact the story, future events and especially the protagonist’s personality. Some cut-scenes will present the player with a choice to approach a situation in either human or Tapper form. Depending on what the player chooses might drastically change the ending of the game. The player will also need to react to quick-time events which might lead to minor alterations in the game if done incorrectly.

Key Features

  • Experience playing as a savage and bloodthirsty infected person harnessing incredible strength, speed and agility

  • Features meaningful decision-making effecting the overall development of your story

  • Intense cut-scenes including a series of quick-time events

  • Scour the quickly-disintegrating city of London in search for resources needed to produce a cure

  • Multiple endings depending on the choices you make throughout the game

  • Comic Book style based artwork, inspired by Telltale games such as The Wolf Amongst Us and The Walking Dead

Target Audience
The Urge is perfect for players looking for an immersive story and dynamic characters. The players have a high level of interaction and the power to manipulate the story and determine the flow of the game with the use of multiple choice. It also offers a visually pleasing environment with quirky and detailed graphics. May include small amounts of profanity and violence so might not be suitable for a young audience.

The story begins with Darren coming across a Tapper whilst out on his daily jog. The game presents you with multiple choices on how to approach the Tapper, all resulting in different ways the scene will develop. However, they all result in Darren getting bitten but successfully killing the Tapper. His immediate goal is to go home and make sure that his wife and son are safe. On his way there, Darren comes to realize that he is able to change into a Tapper at his own free will and is able to harness their powers, using them to his advantage when required.




My rough sketch
Rough Sketch








The Wolf Among Us











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