04.11.15 – Building Website

Registering & Activation

The first thing I did was to create the Register and Activate pages which I linked to the Buddy Press options.


By clicking Register on my website the user will be re-directed to the register page below where the user will be asked to fill in some fields with the required information.


After completing the fields required, the user will then get an Activation page informing him/her that they will receive an email shortly.


Profile Page

Upon completing registration, users will then be able to log into their accounts and change any details they would like such as adding additional information into their About Me section.




Using the above options provided to me by the theme I chose (Customizr) I started experimenting and slowly creating the homepage of my website. The style went for is professional but interesting, clean and user friendly.


Languages Page

The second page I wanted to create was a languages page where users are able to view the languages available to them and click on the desired language he/she would like to start learning (if available!) I also used the Hover Effects plugin in order to create nice and interesting looking icons for each of the languages. The languages I included in my website are ones that my colleagues can speak and therefore will help initiate and enact interaction.


I also linked each image so that when clicked the appropriate language page comes up with some information about the language itself as well as the option to go into the forum.


Forum Page

This page is dedicated to users creating and/or replying to topics and interacting with other users registered to the website. I used the BB Press plugin in order to create such a forum where people can interact.


Members Page

I also wanted a page where people could view everyone that is registered to my website so I went ahead and created a Members page which I re-named as Polyglotters.



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