05.11.15 – Will My Game Be Chosen?

The day that everyone was dreading the most finally arrived: Presentation Day.

panic_buttonSo one by one, we gave our presentation in front of our classmates and tried to sell our idea. Mine went relatively okay in spite of the fact I thought I was going to pass out from nervousness. I think I made one minor mistake but I surprisingly recovered quite well from it and thankfully didn’t make such a fool of myself unlike I usually do.

I decided to put up my slides on my blog because I did put a lot of effort into my presentation since my concept document was very plain and simple. Due to the lack of illustrations and drawings, I decided to style the slides of the presentation in a way that would represent the visuals of my game so everyone would get a feel of how it would look like.

Slide 1

Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9

Production Scheme

17261038So after our presentations were done, our tutor asked us to get into our assigned groups and choose the game that we want to develop and to make a production scheme which will show who is going to work on what and how long we are planning to spend on each aspect of the game. Unfortunately, my game did not get chosen but I enjoyed doing this project so much even though my stress levels where through the roof! I’ve learned so much whilst doing this project and I look forward to developing the chosen game.

Production Scheme

Everyone will be involved in some way with each aspect but we’ve written down where we feel our strengths are.

3D Modelling

2D Assets and Texturing


Audio Engineer

Creative Director

Game and Level Designer


Time Schedule

Conceptualisation and Planning (Paper) 50%
This stage includes ALL planning done on paper.

Create list of gameplay features

  • Create list of assets required for modelling, animation and software etc.
  • Gameflow of prototype scenario
  • Turn concept into art
  • Room Design
  • Create list of tracks, sound effects, voice acting.

Prototype (Computer) 50%
This stage includes ALL creation done on a computer.

  • Creating 3D assets
  • Texturing
  • Animation
  • Creating 2D assets
  • Creating music/sound effects/voice acting
  • Assembling Assets in Unreal
  • Testing
  • Grace Period

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