11.11.15 – Website Finishing Touches

With Presentation Day creeping up, we’re all frantically trying to finish off our website. Although it doesn’t have to be completely ready, it has to be functional and allows users to register and interact with it which since we require proof and need to show evidence of user interactivity when writing our evaluation essay.

About Page

77One minor and unimportant change I made was to add an About Page which will (at some point) display and give information about the website and what we do and how it works.

Creating Topics

discussion-topicsMy second objective was to create some topics on the Forum Pages which my classmates can choose to interact with if they want to rather than having to create their own topics. What will also help to initiate interaction in the forums is the choice of languages I purposely decided to include on my website which I picked specifically based on the languages my classmates can speak.


Making The Logo
safsafasfI also dedicated some time to making a Logo for my website.

Making Some Adjustments
I spent some time playing around with the various options my theme offers and decided on what looks best and ultimately compliments my social network’s theme.


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