18.11.15 – Presenting my Website

Although an unsuspecting major breakdown jeopardized my chances of presenting all the hard work involved in making this website, I managed to somehow gather enough strength and courage to stand up and share my social network idea with my fellow classmates. I have attached my power-point presentation slides below for those of you who would like to view it:

Polyglots Social Network Presentation

ihsllhptnnm4vb7wuvgqAll in all, my presentation went smoothly. I engaged well with the audience and the idea seemed to be greeted enthusiastically by many. For some reason, possibly because people took pity on me or for the simple reason that I was the last one to go, I got asked the most questions out of anyone in class! Although at that moment all I wanted to do is sit back down and thank the heavens it was over, in hindsight they were all extremely good and interesting questions. Some of the questions were the following:

button-bubble-question-iconWill users be able to interact and access my social network at any time? Will it be available 24/7?

button-bubble-question-iconHow am I going to entice people and schools to continuously donate? What is going to make them want to come back and keep using my website rather than others?

button-bubble-question-iconWill I have a program/software/plugin that will be in charge of auto correcting any spelling mistakes users might have made?

button-bubble-question-iconConsidering my website will include people of all ages, including children, how will I prevent any sexual predators from potentially assaulting any of the users?

I did manage to maintain my composure and answer some of the questions quite amicably, however some hadn’t even crossed my mind so I will definitely keep them mind as I continue to build my website and when I begin writing my 1000 word evaluation essay.




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