24.11.15 – AFX Dots

Create an animated sequence of dots that vary in sizes and positions.

Firstly, I created a circle (the dots) by using the Eclipse tool and then changed some of the values to make it smaller.


I then added a new adjustment layer and called it Control Slider and then searched for the effect called Slider Control and applied it to the layer twice. One of the effects controls the spawn position whereas the other one controls the amount of the randomness.

Slider Conrtrol

In the expression editor, I changed the expressions of the position and scale of the dot by adding in some code which included using the pick whip to apply the values of the dot’s position and scale to both of the slider effects created in the step prior to this.


In the Control Slider layer, I changed the values of the Slider Control effect so that the dot always starts from the value 0, changes to a higher value, for example 120, and then goes back to it’s starting point value, 0 which when played back displays the dot starting from the centre, then moving to a certain direction and then moving back and finishing in its initial position. I keyframed the first value at frame 0, then moved another 10 frames and changed the value and then moved a further 10 frames and keyframed the value back at 0. I then also changed the values of the second Slider Control effect so that the “spawn” point of the dot is randomised.

Changing Values

I then went into the Graph Editor for the keyframes and used the handles in order to change the curve’s shape in order to get a smoother transition.

Graph Editor

I then copy and pasted multiple keyframes (pasting them at every 10 frames) and added more dots!

more dots

In order to create lines connecting the dots, I created a new Solid Layer and added the Beam effect to it. I firstly changed the inside and outside colours to black and played around with some values before then altering the expression of the starting and ending positions of all the dots so that the lines connected to each one.


I made some minor changes, such as changing the colour of the dots and adding in a sound effect. Below is the finished piece.


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