11.12.15 – Solo Project: Inspiration & Idea

For our experimental 3D solo project we have the task of creating a 1980s themed retro futuristic video loop that promotes or represents either a music artist, game, film or event.


Almost immediately, the song Nightcall by Kavinsky came to mind and I quickly decided that I wanted it to be the basis and foundation of my piece. I chose that specific song mainly for two reasons: firstly because the vibe and style of the tune is very reminiscent of music produced during 1980’s and secondly because I like the song.
A lot.

Disclaimer: If you’re not interested in what the story behind the song is then skip this part.

The song tells the story of a man who dies in a car crash and comes back as a phantom driver and is attempting to contact his lover who has moved on and found someone else. He wants to ask her whether she would like to come for a ride with him so that she could experience what he’s experienced himself since his death. His lover is taken aback by the protagonist’s sudden and abrupt phone call and even though he is asking her to not be afraid, she can tell that there’s something different about the protagonist but cannot quite figure it out.


The Idea

My intention is to create a piece representing Kavinsky’s music, in particular the song Nightcall. In many of his music videos and cover art, the protagonists drives around in his Testarossa, a symbolic red car which I will definitely incorporate into my piece as it is, in some way, essential if you are representing Kavinsky’s music.


Since the song is called Nightcall, I might include a 3D model of a mast that will emmit radio signals along with a series of 3D handheld phone models which the Testarossa will drive past. Kavinsky’s logo will undoubtely make an appearance too.

Click here to see the 3D models I made and how I began to put this project together.


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