15.12.15 – Group Glitch: Modelling My Face

For our Experimental 3D Group Project, we were tasked with creating a piece which explores an experimental, glitchy process.

The Idea

As a group we shared and discussed ideas and finally came to a consensus: we would produce a short animation starting off in a 3D world which includes a 3D version of our faces. The 3D heads then escape their 3D world and penetrate our real world as we see our real faces glitching out and being replaced by the 3D version.


Modelling the Head

After filming and obtaining the required footage of our heads, our next objective was to create 3D models of our heads which we would then use in conjunction with the footage. My expertise in Maya being quite poor along with having never modelled anything so complex, I decided the best thing to do is to search for a tutorial that could guide me in creating a decent 3d head.

All in all, I found the above tutorial quite easy to follow and felt that it gave me the right amount of support I needed in order to achieve creating a relatively good looking 3D head. It also improved my knowledge on how to use certain tools in Maya, in specifically how to use Edge Loops and how one should go about structuring a face. Considering this was my first attempt at creating a 3D model of a face, I am really pleased with the overall final result.

Here are some images of my final 3D model I rendered out with wireframe by using Mental Ray Contours.



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