29.12.15 – Solo Project: Models & Objects

Click here to go to the blog post where I spoke about what inspired me to make this piece and also included a rough outline of what models/images it will contain.

Maya: 3D Models

In the above-linked blog post, I mentioned creating 3D models of a radio mast and a handheld phone, representing the title of the song ‘Nightcall’. I decided to cling to that idea and began working on making the 3D models.

The Radio Mast
This was quite easy to make and although there are probably various ways to go about making a Radio Mast, I decided to take the “easy” route and keep it simple. I mainly extruded points from Maya’s pre-made cone model and then added in some horizontal pieces made out of the pre-made cube which I then connected to the edges of the mast. The picture on the left is the image I used as a reference and the image on the right is the render of the radio mast I made in Maya.





The Handheld Phone
This model was slightly trickier to make. To help make the “earpiece” of the phone, I followed the below tutorial which although shows you how to make pipes, was surprisingly helpful! I also used the left image shown below as a source of reference. 

After that, I basically extruded faces to make the grabbing part of the phone and then copy and pasted the earpiece model onto the other side. I then used Maya Vector to render out the phone with a wireframe as I thought this would go well with the retro-futuristic theme. I did struggle with making this model and although the final model isn’t a complete disaster, there is definitely room for improvement!





The Logo
I decided to also make a 3D model of Kavinky’s logo in order for my project to include at least three 3D elements. After I found an image of Kavinky’s Logo, I imported it into Illustrator and used Trace Image to get the outlines of the logo. I then saved it as an Illustrator 8 file so that I could import it into Maya.LOGOasdfasasd


In Maya, I then clicked on create and then Create Adobe Illustrator Object and imported the Illustrator file which I then used Bevel Plus on in order to make it into a 3D object. I then made a red material and also a blue material in the Hypershade which I added to the 3D model.



Photoshop: Additional Images

In my previous blog post I also mentioned involving a certain item which I think is essential if one is promoting Kavinsky’s music, this being:

The Testarossa

HYTS autós galéria -

CAR (1)



The image on the left is the original copy of the car which I then imported in Photoshop in order to make some necessary changes. Firstly, I removed the background by using the pen tool, I then added Kavinsky’s number plate which features in many of his music videos and finally added the cutout filter in order to make it look slightly comical. The final version is the image on the right.

After Effects: Assembling Project

I then imported all of the above items into After Effects, adding multiple versions of the handheld phone models which I will eventually animate. The image below shows what the non-animated set up looks like up to this point:


Click here to see the finalised animated version.


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