12.01.16 – Solo Project: Finalising

Click here to see my previous post about making the below models and assembling objects in After Effects.

Animating the 3D Models & Other Objects

The Radio MastMastThe animation I added to the radio mast is simply a rotation of 360 degrees. I also added in three radio waves which emit from the top of the radio mast and reduce in opacity as they get bigger and move closer to the screen.

The Handheld Phones
I added in multiple handheld phones that continuously appear and move towards the screen at a constant speed to give my piece momentum and create the illusion that the car is moving forward.I also added the Glow effect to them and made the colour change from blue to red as the phones moved closer towards the screen. I did this simply because I thought it would look nice if I made the phones change from blue to red as they approached the red Testrossa.

The LogoLogo

I wanted to keep the logo’s animation very subtle so I simply made it shimmy slightly on the spot.

The Testarossa
The only animation I added to the car is a slight random upward and downward movement in order to give it some authenticity.

Making the Backdrop

The Grid & Star BackgroundGrid-&-StarsMany of the retro-futuristic gifs and videos I came across whilst doing my research seemed to include a moving grid which I thought looked aesthetically pleasing and complemented the theme of retro-futurism quite nicely. Therefore I decided to include it in my piece.

By changing the values of the Tile Center, I made the grid move outwards at a constant speed which further amplifies the appearance of the car moving forward. I also changed the opacity so that the grid fades out towards the back, making it appear more infinite.

Finally, the song’s name being Nightcall, I decided to include a black background with stars to represent night time. I made it fade in and fade out to make the piece more seamless.


Chromatic Aberration
The theme being 80’s retro-futuristic, I aimed to make my animation seem like it was made during the 80’s so I decided to add an effect that would give it a VHS tape kind of look (I decided to exclude the Logo so that it remains clear and crisp for the audience to be able to read). I created three layers and named them Red, Blue and Green. I then added the Levels (Individual Controls) effect to all three of them and changed the values accordingly. After that, by moving the layers slightly in different directions I achieved in creating this interesting effect below:


I feel that the Chromatic Abberation effect made a positive impact on my design.The only other effect I added in is a short glitch-like video in which I reduced the opacity to 90% such that the underlying objects and materials can still be observed.

Final Version

5 Second Animation

40 Second Version (includes music)

Gif Version



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