13.01.16 – Website Testing

Today was the day my website would undergo testing by my fellow classmates in order to determine whether everything works the way it should – quite nerve wrecking! Unfortunately for me, things did not go very smoothly, not because the website didn’t work but because of one particular feature:

Limited Login Attempts.

limitloginattemptsBy default, this feature gives users four attempts at signing up to your website. If you fail all four times, it locks you out and you have to try again in 20 minutes. In hindsight, I should have disabled or changed the options of this feature before I started the whole process but sadly I did not. So what happened was, as I was busy accepting and activating accounts from my admin page, some users typed in the incorrect log in details and used up all the login attempts which in turn blocked the entire class – including me! – from entering the website! It was quite frustrating especially since I didn’t really expect people to forget log in details they created literally a few seconds ago!

So due to that unfortunate event, nobody could log into my website and interact and use the forums. However, the chat plugin remained available for everyone to use, so I asked everyone to go ahead and start a conversation on there. Irritatingly, a few minutes later, the chat also broke down gave me the following error: Chat full, please upgrade. Seems like the odds weren’t in my favour that day.

The only two positive outcomes were that:

A) I could still view all the users that registered to my website listed on the Members page.


B) When I accessed my website from home, the entire  conversation on the chat plugin was saved.




Therefore I will be using the above snapshots as proof of user interaction. However, I wanted to acquire more evidence and proof that my website does in fact work so I asked my family and friends to join in and register to my website and use my forums due to my classmates being unable to access them originally. Here are a few of the screenshots I took:

MattWelshReply KingMalteseForum2 MellaFrenchForum



Thanks to my family and friends joining in and helping me out, I managed to obtain the required amount of evidence needed for my evaluation essay! Hooray!


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