22.09.16 – Introduction & Inital Animatic Ideas

New Tutor

We were introduced to Ravi Swami and to some of his recent works. One that stood out to me the most was his animatic for the advert Freederm Goose. His job was to draw up a storyboard for the advert which would then be 3D modelled and sent to 3D animators who would animate and bring it all to life.

Ravi’s Storyboard

Freederm Goose Advert

Ideas for Animatic

For our first assigment we have to create a 1-2 minute animatic which revolves around the theme “Out Of Time”.  At the moment, I have three very different ideas all adopting different styles of 2D animation.

Idea 1: Trippy Space Journey
Storyline: Whilst waiting for his friend to arrive, a teenage boy gets sucked into a space portal hidden in an abandoned church which takes him on a trippy, psychedelic space journey.

Style: Tame Impala’s music video “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is a 2D animation made up of plasticine collages. The abstract style, vibrant colours and uniqueness of the video are all elements I would like to incorporate into the animatic.



Idea 2: Beginning & End
Storyline: Set during a zombie apocalypse, a woman is giving birth to a baby. The husband helps with the process of childbirth and the birth is successful. However, the animatic ends with a dark twist as the father walks out soon after the baby is born and kills himself as he was unfortunately bitten by a zombie.

Style: The animatic would be made of detailed and polished drawings similar to the ones in the Iron Man 3 animatic.



Idea 3: A Clock Love Story
Storyline: The story follows the life of two clocks that fall in love. We see them going on their first date, getting married and giving birth to another clock.

Style: The drawings themselves would be very simple and cartoon-like much like the Dumb Ways to Die 2D Animation.



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