25.09.16 – Animatic Concept

Upon further reflection, I decided that I did not want to use any of my previous ideas for my final animatic the reason being that they did not explore the theme of “Out of Time” as well I hoped they would. I have come up with another idea which I am more content with and felt related more to the theme.

New Idea

I decided to give the theme Out of Time a positive spin as it is almost always associated with a negative experience. The story is about a town that is situated inside of an hourglass which is about to experience the first grain of sand falling through. As soon as sand starts pouring through, the town is engulfed in darkness. A young boy witnesses this happening and a time lapse of him growing up from boy to adult is shown to signify time passing by. At this point the animatic resumes and shows how the town has changed. Shortly after, the last grain falls and the “sun” can be seen shining again. So although the hourglass is “out of time” the city sighs a breath of relief as the sand finally stops and the sun can once again be seen.

I carried out a very rough and basic animatic test in order to find out whether I liked how the story developed before I start fleshing it out. I also added in some sound effects which I thought were appropriate and might use in my final animatic. I have yet to find a suitable piece of music to accompany the animatic.

Animatic Test

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