I’m Thea Chetcuti and I come from a small island in the Mediterranean sea called Malta. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you don’t know where that is since I’ve come across maps which don’t even bother to include us! Rude. I have very recently moved to the UK to start a new exciting life as a student at Kingston College where I will be working towards achieving my degree in Digital Arts.

From a young age, I have always had a vivid imagination and a need to be creative. I can still recall stumbling about as a toddler carrying around colouring pencils and a drawing book which I would scribble away on for hours on end. At primary school, art was the lesson I was best at and looked forward to the most. I was very fond of the work I created and tended to get completely immersed in whatever tasks our teacher assigned us. What a nerd.

During Secondary school, my enthusiasm remained; however, I became interested in something quite different which eventually led me to choosing this course! I was introduced to video games at a very young age. In fact there isn’t a time I can remember when I WASN’T playing video games. I’m one of the dying breed of people who knows what a floppy disk is. I started out playing simple platform games and, being the simple minded 5 year old girl I was, I thought they were the best thing in the world! But obviously, as I grew older, I started to seek more advanced and “grown up” video games rather than “Snow White” or “Billy The Kid” which no longer felt satisfactory.

In my search for more advanced video games I came across “The Elder Scrolls of Morrowind”. People who know the game would know that the gameplay and graphics are leaps and bounds better than the childish floppy disk games I had been playing up to this point. Nothing could have prepared me for the amazing-ness I was about to be exposed to.

It was such a life-changing moment that, to this day, I can still clearly recall my excitement as the opening scene started playing and how my jaw hit the floor when the first character appeared on my screen. What struck me first was tremendous amount of detail and how undeniably better the graphics were compared to all the previous games I played. It was quite overwhelming really! However, what stood out to me the most was the character that was now on my screen. It had pointy ears, red eyes and it’s skin seemed to be a sickly green colour: my first encounter with non-human character. At first I was quite taken aback, however that quickly turned into fascination which only increased as the game progressed and I came to realize that many characters were in fact not human. I found myself unable to tear myself away from this newly-discovered, make-believe world which opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of what you could create if you let your imagination run free. I consider this game to be a landmark in my life as it marked the start of my ever growing love of games and, in particular, the characters involved in them. It is the reason I am here today studying to become a Digital Artist.

Let’s just say that A LOT of my time after that was spent creating and designing characters and trying to give each and every one of them a background story too! A lot of the characters I create are in fact rarely ever human –  I love to experiment and try new things and creating characters with unique looks and back stories. My love and fascination of video games still lives on and needless to say, most of the work I create is highly influenced by them.

The next three years of my life will be dedicated to flourishing and expanding my artistic abilities and learning new and exciting software and different techniques. This blog will be where I will post about all the work I’ll be doing at college amongst other things such as exhibitions I attend and the work of other various digital artists.


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